What is a RECOVERY Mindset?

It is when we switch our focus from the:

Expectation of DECLINE 

to the

Possibility of RECOVERY. 

We have found that this mindset shift leads to many positive changes including:

  • Increased feelings of self-empowerment.
  • An increase in ‘health seeking behaviours’.
  • Feelings of hopefulness.
  • Increased knowledge base of how to help oneself and the person one is caring for.
  • An increase in the feelings of acceptance of what we are experiencing.

Meet your Guide:

Dr. Anna Moore Asgharian

Founder & Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Anna Moore Asgharian is a clinical psychologist and family caretaker to a person living with Alzheimer’s. Anna has lived in the shadow of the disease for most of her life and has watched two generations of her own family became affected.

Sparked by observing the changes in her own perception of disease and in the health and perception of family members, Dr. Anna now adopts a Recovery Mindset which she believes is key developing personal empowerment & growth when faced with disease.

Dr. Anna says that “this is a critical time in the history of our species, it is a time of great change and learning, when we are beginning to harness our own personal power to create powerful positive change in our health & well being”.